eBUYER Virtual Home Buying Service

Our eBUYER virtual home buying service allows you to tour homes visually from the comfort and safety of your home live with your real estate agent.

Our eBUYER starts with our Video conferencing platform that you can use from your computer, smartphone or tablet.  

Step 1:  We can explore listings together this way looking at pictures, virtual tours and video tours.  This will provide a list of homes that you would like to see.  

Step 2:  From your favorites list we will schedule a live video walk through tour with the seller of each property.  You will tour the properties live with your agent and the property seller providing live video footage through their smart phone. 

Step 3:  Make an offer.  

Step 4:  Once an offer is accepted you will have a few contingencies in the contract including a home inspection.  This will allow you to have a good understanding of the homes systems and features and alert you of any problems with the house.

Step 5:  Closing and Virtual Celebration.  You get ownership to your new house!  Congratulations.  

The good news is that your transaction can be completed almost 100% virtually.  Call or text to get started 609-338-3773.