Age In The Right Place

A popular phrase in the senior care industry is “age in place,” which is used to describe when an older adult chooses to stay in their own homes for as long as possible. Now a new phrase is coming into more common usage, “age in the right place.” This phrase means older adults feel comfortable in their surroundings, they can maintain their independence and when they experience health or financial problems, they can find solutions to minimize those problems, according to Stephen M. Golant, University of Florida professor, gerontologist and author of “Aging in the Right Place.”
“No matter how careful one is about eating patterns and exercise, bad things happen despite the best preventive health measures. When bad things happen, older people should have as many options for living environments to help cope with decline.” Golant said in an interview with Next Avenue. Aging in place might not be for everyone. For example, this may be due to the: 

  • Home’s design that could produce fall risks or make it difficult to maintain.
  • Lack of family or home care support due to living far away or in a rural area.
  • Poor local transportation making it challenging to get groceries or attend doctor appointments. 

Before a health event occurs or before aging’s effects become more apparent, alternative living options should be considered – Contact us and we will connect you with a certified senior advisor through our partners at CarePatrol. Their certified senior advisors help older adults and families find what is and plan what will be the safest living options for them as they age whether that’s an independent living, assisted living or memory care community. 
As the nation’s largest senior placement organization, CarePatrol is ready to help older adults and their families identify the right place at the right price. If you know someone who could benefit from community living, contact us. CarePatrol services are always free to our clients.

Article is courtesy of Jodi Lewis-Smith,
Certified Senior Advisor with CarePatrol