Closing On House Failure!

Oh no! Everything went perfectly up to the closing. Sally was ready to buy her new home but the wire with her down payment funds was not ready. This was a disaster! She was ready to move in to her new home and instead we had to put that on hold and figure out what happened to her down payment money. Join me, Matt Haviland as I tell the story of the closing failure and share how I helped solve the problem in the end to avoid making a bad situation even worse.

New Grass Is In | New Sod Outdoor Living Remodel!

In this video I show you the before and after for my backyard renovation project. The new sod is in and looks amazing! I explain why we did the project and some of the steps involved in making it happen. This is the second video in this series and if you missed part one the patio remodel I’ll include a link below. Outdoor living areas add value to your home and most importantly provide great family time. Our next project is to rebuild our fountain and pond. Please Subscribe for updates from me, Matt Haviland, and give this video a thumbs up if you’d like me to do more videos like this.

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